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three types of pre purchase building inspections:

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Detailed report highlighting any issues with the property. These issues range from structural issues to more to minor issues.

Pre Purchase

Detailed report highlighting any pest infestations. In particular, we make sure that you are aware of any termite issues.

Combined Pre Purchase Inspections

Our combined detailed pre purchase building and pest inspection provides you with complete peace of mind. Most clients choose this option.

To find out more about Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne call Luke today on 0417 397 535 or email

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne

All Checked Out specialise in Pre Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne. In fact, we have been doing  pre-purchase building inspections for over 10 years.

Luke, the principal pre purchase building inspector, is a Registered Builder with the Building Commission of Victoria (Licence no: DB-U 44801).  As well,  all our Pre Purchase Building Inspections meet the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007.

All Checked Out is based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. However we provide pre purchase building and pest inspection services to all areas of Melbourne.

Luke and his team uncover the worst and most costly types of damage a house may have when they do their pre purchase building inspections.

Our rates are competitively priced and start at $450 (inc GST). As a result, it is only a small investment to be able to buy with confidence!

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To find out more about Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne call Luke today on 0417 397 535 or email

Melbourne PRE PURCHASE BUILDING Inspection Process:


Call us on 0417 397 535 or email us to arrange an appointment for a pre purchase property inspection in Melbourne.


We liaise directly with the Estate Agent for a suitable time for the pre purchase property inspection in Melbourne to be undertaken.


We carry out the pre purchase property inspection within 24 hours. You are most welcome to attend the inspection.


Comprehensive, yet easy to read, report within 24 hours (sooner if required) outlining all issues.

To Find Out More About A Pre Purchase Building And Pest Inspection In Melbourne Call Luke Today On 0417 397 535 Or Email

What Is A Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

A pre purchase building inspection provides a detailed, easy to read report. It tells you about the major faults a home has. The faults highlighted include any cracking walls, rising damp, leaking roofs and safety hazards. In addition, it also highlights any unauthorised works.

It is recommended by Consumers Affairs Victoria that you engage a qualified building inspector. This is to ensure that all faults in a home are uncovered. In addition, it will help uncover where attempts have even been made to cover faults up!

Buy With Confidence With Our Pre Purchase Building Inspections

It is well worth it for the peace of mind to have a pre purchase building inspection. This is especially true as sellers are under no obligation to disclose any structural damage to the property you are thinking of purchasing.

We usually spend one to two hours completing the report. Your building inspection report will be sent to you within 24 hours. Furthermore, we will do it even quicker if you need it urgently.

All Checked Out have the appropriate qualifications (including being a Registered Builder), equipment and experience. This means you are assured that your building inspection will be done right.

Why Do You Need A Building Inspection Before You Buy

You might get lucky if you don’t get a building inspection done before you buy your home. However, chances are that the home you buy will have some defects. Some of these defects may be relatively minor. Worryingly, some may cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Some may even require you to knock down structures.

The reasons to have an inspection are clear. It makes sure you know about all defects. This includes major defects, structural defects, safety hazards as well as any minor defects.

It is common that every home has at least one defect that requires repair to avoid any further damage. A defect could be something as simple as a damaged roof tile that is allowing water in when it rains. However, it can be as serious as termite damage to the foundation of the house. That’s why it is essential to know what is wrong with a home before you buy.

Common Defects We Find When We Do a Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Here are some of the most common problems we come across when we do a pre purchase building inspection:

  • Structural wall removed leaving the home with structural problems
  • Termites attacking timber structure
  • Leaking ceiling covered up with fresh paint
  • Cracked bricks on external walls. Sometimes covered by rendering or painting
  • Self built decks and pergolas that are unsafe and may even have required a permit but one was not obtained
  • House restumped but is not level
  • Locked rooms or garages that can hide major defects
  • Rotting timber under bathroom, kitchen or laundry due to leaking pipes
  • Poor external drainage not noticeable during summer months

To find out more about Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne call Luke today on 0417 397 535 or email